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Global cellular connectivity for IoT devices at anytime, anywhere via our stable IoT SIMs
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Scale up quickly

Scaling up at topspeed
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Multiple carriers

Years of cooperation experience with carriers
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Smart SIM card management platform

Core technical team members are from Alibaba
We build a robust connectivity network.


Qipeng is established for more than 8 years, with annual income of over 100 million RMB.
We committed to becoming a long-term partner of the companies.
8 yearstechnical precipitation
Serving customers100,000+
7×24 hoursservice support

Scale up quickly

· No contracts, quotas, or negotiations. Activate, change, or pause plans anytime via our SIMBOSS Dashboard or APIs.
· Provide multiple carriers' M2M card, hardware-agnostic SIM cards and eSIM eUICC chips
· Reliable and stable quality, need not to worry about data fraud
· Connect simpler and scale faster
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Smart SIM Card Management

· Professional system support, easy to use
· Easily switch device status, real-time query usage
· Data usage warning, reminding users to renew in time
· Flexible rate plan, support mobile payment methods
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Flexible rate plan

· Recharge and renewal is convenient, support mobile payment methods
· Multiple rate plan types to choice , monthly rate plan, prepaid or pay-as-you-go
· Support billing by data usage, data bank pricing model.
· Customize data cap, period and price.
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· Established for 8 years, with annual income of over 100 million
· Serving more than 100,000 corporate customers and insisting on customer first.
· Focus on the IoT and cloud communications platform, 8 years of industry precipitation
· Supporting team is standing by 24/7
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Shared bicycle
For shared bicycles, SIMBOSS helps the streaming data to upload and offers location positioning;
Internet of Vehicles
For the Internet of Vehicles, SIMBOSS offers fast recharging APP on the mobile unit seamlessly。
POS device
For the large number of point of sale devices, SIMBOSS offers bulk recharging, device-to-card bindings, and custom rate plans.
Security monitor
For construction sites and entrance guards, SIMBOSS helps monitor data usage and send alerts in real time.
Intelligent Terminal
Smart watches need stable data which is monitorable. SIMBOSS helps import SIM cards of all types and supplies stable long circle.
Control System
For advertising screens, property meters and charging piles. SIMBOSS helps with real-time usage queries and SMS alerts.
Musical instrument
For audio devices and electronic pianos that are working with large data flow, SIMBOSS helps provision the applicable rate plans.
General Device
For MIFI and other general devices that need stable conncetivities, SIMBOSS helps real-time data alerts for all sizes of cards.